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Lucid Air Global Reveal

(Sep 09, 2020)

Lucid reveals details of their first production vehicle, the Air.


  • 113 kWh battery providing 517 miles range
    • Smaller battery option providing ~315 miles of range
    • 300kW charging
    • 924v
    • DC-DC supports 400v
  • Motor developed in house
    • 1, 2 or 3 motor configurations
  • Fully connected system with OTA updates
  • 0-60mph: <2.5s
  • Top Speed: >200mph
  • Advanced driver assistance features
  • Autonomous driving hardware, software coming later
    • 32 ADAS sensors (camera, LIDaR, Radar, Sonar)
  • In house 800w audio system with 21 speakers
  • Facial recognition to automatically set profiles
  • Voice recognition through Alexa
  • Largest taillight ever
  • Biggest frunk ever made
  • Deliveries to start in 2021

More information from the company:

  • The battery, motors and inverters are designed for mass production
  • Lucid intends to take these technologies to lower cost vehicles
  • Developing stationary battery systems for consumer and industrial applications
  • 8/7/2020: Leguna Seca Raceway - Lucid won the formula drift and lap contest(?)
  • Build the factory around the paint shop
  • Planned production is 10x in 10 years at first factory